Sock Types

Custom Sock Types

We make custom socks for any sport, business, event, occasion and more. For each of these different categories, we have specific sock styles designed to elevate the comfort and performance for the intended use. In this post we will provide more information on the style of custom socks we offer.

Performance Socks

Performance socks are a category of socks made up of athletic socks, and all-day performance socks.

Athletic socks are generally sport specific, such as basketball socks, soccer socks, running socks, cycling socks, training socks, and many more options. Over years of testing and development, we offer socks specific to each sport with the leading technical features. When you choose Endur Custom Socks, you get the highest quality athletics socks with your custom colours, design, logo, branding, and more.

All-day performance socks are 'everyday' active socks that are great for multiple sports and activities. These socks have been designed over the years to provide optimal breathability, comfort, and support while showcasing your custom colours, branding, logos, and more. 

Performance socks are available in 4 heights: Ankle, Mid, Crew, and Knee High. Ankle socks follow the shoe line, mid socks have a 4 inch rise above the ankle, crew socks have a 6 inch rise above the ankle, and knee high socks go right to the knee. 

Dress Socks

Dress socks, also known as business socks are standard calf high, poly-cotton everyday socks. Dress socks make the prefect option for corporate and event giveaways, and promotional items. 

Dress socks can be made with any logo, pattern, colours, and design to create truly unique custom socks with any budget. 

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