Sock Designs

We use industry leading technology to ensure the highest quality custom sock designs, with a focus on clarity and colour matching. Custom sock designs are generally applied in two ways: Knit and Sublimation. Both processes have benefits and drawbacks, which will be explained in detail throughout this post. 

Knit Design

Knit designs are great for custom socks that have geometric patterns, or large logos and text that remain on an X and Y axis. Knit designs are beneficial as they create a more robust product with the design being a part of the construction of the sock. Generally, all dress socks utilize a knit design as the style of knitting is finer and more accepting of complex shapes and designs. Knit designs are not the best option when the pattern or logo is complex, or if the text is too small the design will become pixilated.  Knit designs also rely on using pre-died yarns, so exact pantone colour matches are not always an option. Knit designs are only able to accommodate up to 5 total colours. 

Sublimation Design

Sublimation designs are great for custom socks that have complex patterns, colour gradients, detailed logos, or small text. Sublimation designs are beneficial they produce clear, crisp designs with no pixilation, and exact colour matches with unlimited options. Sublimation designs are not best for designs that require continuity around the sock, or solid colour designs as the crease where the application presses meet may distort the design or look unfavourable. Sublimation designs may also become distorted to faded with excessive stretch of the sock. Sublimation print will not fade or wash out over time. 


There is no winner when it comes to the best way to apply a custom sock design. Each process has its benefits and specific use cases. What works best in one situation may not always the best in another, but our custom sock experts will work with you to determine the best process for your design. To learn more and get your free design: Get Started